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HiveMind LoggingInterceptor does not log java.lang.Error



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      I have just discovered an unexpected behavior with logging interceptors generated by HiveMind's LoggingInterceptorFactory.

      When an Error is thrown by a method in the intercepted service, it never gets logged!

      After checking LoggingInterceptorFactory source code I found out that only Exceptions and RuntimeExceptions are caucht and logged by the generated interceptor.

      Although I understand that catching Error is generally not considered good practice, I believe that for logging purpose it could be judged acceptable, not to say good advice.

      Let me explain my case (or how I discovered this problem):

      In HiveBoard server (HiveMind-based) one method called by HiveMind client (through HiveRemoting facilities) would run out of memory (on the server).
      Then the OutOfMemoryError was silently (no log on server side) transported back to the client (through the Hessian protocol that is used by HiveRemoting), and would of course display on the client as an OutOfMemory error (due to client memory needs!).
      Since OutOfMemoryError do not include stack traces, I even had no clue that the problem occurred on server! So I spent a few hours adding and analysing log traces on client, then analysing in detail log traces from server to finally find out that the called method would never end (no END log by the interceptor).

      I believe this behavior for a logging interceptor is not correct: we would expect ANY exception (I mean Throwable) logged by this interceptor, else the server might always appear to run fine. In this case, I was lucky because this occurred during my tests, but what would happen in a production system where maybe client side users would not even report the problem? The server admin would hardly notice the problem on the server!




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