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Move parquet serialize implementation to DataWritableWriter to improve write speeds

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      The serialize process on ParquetHiveSerDe parses a Hive object
      to a Writable object by looping through all the Hive object children,
      and creating new Writables objects per child. These final writables
      objects are passed in to the Parquet writing function, and parsed again
      on the DataWritableWriter class by looping through the ArrayWritable
      object. These two loops (ParquetHiveSerDe.serialize() and DataWritableWriter.write() may be reduced to use just one loop into the DataWritableWriter.write() method in order to increment the writing process speed for Hive parquet.

      In order to achieve this, we can wrap the Hive object and object inspector
      on ParquetHiveSerDe.serialize() method into an object that implements the Writable object and thus avoid the loop that serialize() does, and leave the loop parser to the DataWritableWriter.write() method. We can see how ORC does this with the OrcSerde.OrcSerdeRow class.

      Writable objects are organized differently on any kind of storage formats, so I don't think it is necessary to create and keep the writable objects in the serialize() method as they won't be used until the writing process starts (DataWritableWriter.write()).

      This performance issue was found using microbenchmark tests from HIVE-8121.


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