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Support for use of enclosed quotes in LazySimpleSerde

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    • 0.11.0, 0.12.0, 0.13.0, 0.13.1
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      Currently the LazySimpleSerde does not support the use of quotes for delimited fields to allow use of separators within a quoted field - this means having to use alternatives for many common use cases for CSV style data.

      Key scenarios that do not work include:
      (3 column row for int, string, float delimited by ',')
      100,"3.5 inch hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30
      100,"3.5 \" hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30
      100, "3.5 "" hard drive, quantity 10", 2650.30
      100,"3.5 "" hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30

      There are a number of fixes that I have implemented support in the deserialization stage to a copy of the Lazy simple serde to address this:

      For serialization, the code is unchanged with the relevant embedded characters being escaped.

      Assuming a row with 3 fields - SKU ID, description, price, delimited by ','

      1) allow use of enclosed quotes around a string field
      For example

      100,"3.5 inch hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30

      2) support escaping of quotes within field to allow use of embedded quote
      100,"3.5 \" hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30

      3) support for old style CSV embedded quotes
      for example

      100,"3.5 "" hard drive, quantity 10",2650.30

      4) support for skipping of leading spaces in field
      For example (note space between first ',' and opening quote)

      100, "3.5 "" hard drive, quantity 10", 2650.30

      In each case, with the changes these are evaluated as though the delimiters and embedded quotes were escaped:

      100, 3.5 \" hard drive\, quantity 10, 2650.30

      All of these are enabled or disabled using serde properties for quotechar, whether enclosed quotes is supported, whether double embedded quotes are treated as single quote (of same char type)


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