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Support append feature for HCatalog




      HCatalog currently treats all tables as "immutable" - i.e. all tables and partitions can be written to only once, and not appended. The nuances of what this means is as follows:

      • A non-partitioned table can be written to, and data in it is never updated from then on unless you drop and recreate.
      • A partitioned table may support "appending" of a sort in a manner by adding new partitions to the table, but once written, the partitions themselves cannot have any new data added to them.

      Hive, on the other hand, does allow us to "INSERT INTO" into a table, thus allowing us append semantics. There is benefit to both of these models, and so, our goal is as follows:

      a) Introduce a notion of an immutable table, wherein all tables are not immutable by default, and have this be a table property. If this property is set for a table, and we attempt to write to a table that already has data (or a partition), disallow "INSERT INTO" into it from hive. This property being set will allow hive to mimic HCatalog's current immutable-table property. (I'm going to create a separate sub-task to cover this bit, and focus on the HCatalog-side on this jira)

      b) As long as that flag is not set, HCatalog should be changed to allow appends into it as well, and not simply error out if data already exists in a table.




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