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optimize union sub-queries



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      It might be a good idea to optimize simple union queries containing map-reduce jobs in at least one of the sub-qeuries.

      For eg:

      a query like:

      insert overwrite table T1 partition P1
      select * from
      union all
      ) u;

      today creates 3 map-reduce jobs, one for subq1, another for subq2 and
      the final one for the union.

      It might be a good idea to optimize this. Instead of creating the union
      task, it might be simpler to create a move task (or something like a move
      task), where the outputs of the two sub-queries will be moved to the final
      directory. This can easily extend to more than 2 sub-queries in the union.

      This is very useful if there is a select * followed by filesink after the
      union. This can be independently useful, and also be used to optimize the
      skewed joins –

      If there is a select, filter between the union and the filesink, the select
      and the filter can be moved before the union, and the follow-up job can
      still be removed.


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