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Empty files are inserted into external tables after HIVE-21714 - workaround

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      There were multiple patches targeting an issue when INSERT OVERWRITE was ineffective if the input is empty:
      HIVE-18702: INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE doesn't clean the table directory before overwriting
      HIVE-21714: Insert overwrite on an acid/mm table is ineffective if the input is empty
      HIVE-21784: Insert overwrite on an acid (not mm) table is ineffective if the input is empty

      From these patches, HIVE-21714 seems to have a bad effect on external tables, because of this part:

      The original issue before HIVE-21714 was that the original files in the table survived an insert overwrite, and select>0 was after that. HIVE-21714 seems to enable writing empty files regardless of execution engine / table type, which is not the proper way, as the proper solution would be to completely avoid writing empty files for Tez (this is what HIVE-14014 was about). I found that changing condition to...

      if (!isTez && (isStreaming || this.isInsertOverwrite)) 

      (which could be an easy solution for external tables) breaks some test cases (both full ACID and MM) in insert_overwrite.q, which could mean they rely somehow on the empty generated file. We need to find a proper solution which is applicable for all table types without polluting external tables.


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