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Provide an automatic recovery feature for Hive Server in case of failure



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    • Hadoop 0.20.1, Hive0.8.0 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 (i586) - Kernel (5)


      We are doing log analysis using Hive by submitting queries through Hive Server and we have provided Name Node HA and Job tracker HA to achieve the high availability but Currently Hive Server is a single point of failure. If the machine running Hive Server is down or broken, Hive service cannot be availed till someone notice the Hive Sever failure and bring it up till this time our log analysis is not continuing. To avoid this problem we need an automatic system that can detect the failure and make sure of the high availability of the Server.

      Deploy two Hive Servers. One of the Hive Server will act as active while the other one will be a Hot Standby. Here we need a system to decide which can be active and which can be standby and a failure detection mechanism it should detect if Active server is down or broken and trigger the switch over (standby to active). This failure detection mechanism will be based on Zookeeper (HA Agent).

      The clients of Hive Server should be configured with the address of both servers. While getting the connection it will detect the Active Hive Server & connect to it.

      While executing query Hive Server is down after starting Hive Server need to submit the query again but already executed query will run in the background. Continuing this query execution is no use so it is wastage of cluster resource. In this solution once active is down standby will become active to server and it will ensure to stop the already executed query execution (Hive tasks & MapRed jobs).


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