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Add partition column option to JDBC handler



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      Currently JdbcStorageHandler does not split input in Tez. The reason is numSplit of JdbcInputFormat.getSplits can only pass via "mapreduce.job.maps" in Tez. And "mapreduce.job.maps" is not a valid param if authorizer(eg. SQLStdAuth) is in use. User ends up always use 1 split.

      We need to rely on this new feature if we want to support multi-splits. Here is my proposal:
      1. Specify partitionColumn/numPartitions, and optional lowerBound/upperBound in tblproperties if user want to split jdbc data source. In case lowerBound/upperBound is not specified, JdbcStorageHandler will run max/min query to get this in planner. We can currently limit partitionColumn to only numeric/date/timestamp column for simplicity
      2. If partitionColumn/numPartitions are not specified, don't split input
      3. Splits are equal intervals without respect to data distribution
      4. There is also a "hive.sql.query.split" flag vetos the split (can be set manually or automatically by calcite)
      5. If partitionColumn is not defined, but numPartitions is defined, use original limit/offset logic (however, don't rely on numSplit).


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