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      I was running the commands in the cluster, with potentially a slightly outdated version of the DB on mysql (yet, the DB was created with a script from master and I didn't hit any schema issues, so it's fairly recent); however, recent master code + the pools commands patch. I've hit the following issues.

      1. Cannot drop pool or RP with a mapping (see also 3).
      2. Cannot drop pool that is set as default (probably correct, but the error message is bad).
      3. When I dropped an RP with a mapping, and then created it again with the same name, the pool creation in that RP would fail with an error that a unique query returned multiple results. In the DB, there were actually 2 RPs with the same name. Not sure how exactly that happened, there might have been intermediate states, but I didn't mess with mysql. I think the name uniqueness is either missing from some script or doesn't work.
      4. Setting RP default pool no longer works. I think I might have broken it with one of the rebases in that area, but it could also be something else (or like other things, it works in q tests but not on cluster for whatever reason).
      5. Resource plan rename doesn't check the disable state. It probably should. Also need to see for other commands.

      Need to figure out which are real issues and which aren't and fix.


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