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Corrupt replicas are not tracked correctly through block report from DN



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      This one is tough to describe, but essentially the following order of events is seen to occur:

      1. A client marks one replica of a block to be corrupt by telling the NN about it
      2. Replication is then scheduled to make a new replica of this node
      3. The replication completes, such that there are now 3 good replicas and 1 corrupt replica
      4. The DN holding the corrupt replica sends a block report. Rather than telling this DN to delete the node, the NN instead marks this as a new good replica of the block, and schedules deletion on one of the good replicas.

      I don't know if this is a dataloss bug in the case of 1 corrupt replica with dfs.replication=2, but it seems feasible. I will attach a debug log with some commentary marked by '============>', plus a unit test patch which I can get to reproduce this behavior reliably. (it's not a proper unit test, just some edits to an existing one to show it)


        1. log-commented
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          Todd Lipcon
        2. reportCorruptBlock.patch
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          Konstantin Shvachko
        3. to-reproduce.patch
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          Todd Lipcon

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