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Add support for accessing the NFS gateway from the AIX NFS client



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      We've identified two issues when trying to access the HDFS NFS Gateway from an AIX NFS client:

      1. In the case of COMMITs, the AIX NFS client will always send 4096, or a multiple of the page size, for the offset to be committed, even if fewer bytes than this have ever, or will ever, be written to the file. This will cause a write to a file from the AIX NFS client to hang on close unless the size of that file is a multiple of 4096.
      2. In the case of READDIR and READDIRPLUS, the AIX NFS client will send the same cookie verifier for a given directory seemingly forever after that directory is first accessed over NFS, instead of getting a new cookie verifier for every set of incremental readdir calls. This means that if a directory's mtime ever changes, the FS must be unmounted/remounted before readdir calls on that dir from AIX will ever succeed again.

      From my interpretation of RFC-1813, the NFS Gateway is in fact doing the correct thing in both cases, but we can introduce simple changes on the NFS Gateway side to be able to optionally work around these incompatibilities.


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