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Enable journal protocol based editlog streaming for standby namenode


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.23.3, 2.0.0-alpha
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    • Component/s: ha, namenode
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      Currently standby namenode relies on reading shared editlogs to stay current with the active namenode, for namespace changes. BackupNode used streaming edits from active namenode for doing the same. This jira is to explore using journal protocol based editlog streams for the standby namenode. A daemon in standby will get the editlogs from the active and write it to local edits. To begin with, the existing standby mechanism of reading from a file, will continue to be used, instead of from shared edits, from the local edits.

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        Issue Links

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        18. handle creation time also in journal service Sub-task Open Unassigned
        19. stream the edit segments to NameNode when NameNode starts up Sub-task Open Brandon Li
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        21. remove JournalServiceProtocols Sub-task Open Brandon Li
        GetJournalEditServlet should close output stream only if the stream is used. Sub-task Resolved Brandon Li
        23. Enable standby namenode to tail edits from journal service Sub-task Open Brandon Li
        24. Replaced Kerberized SSL for journal segment transfer with SPNEGO-based solution Sub-task Open Brandon Li
        fix the build failure in branch HDFS-3092 Sub-task Resolved Brandon Li


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