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      It appears that there's a condition under which a HDFS directory with a space quota set can get to a point where the cached size for the directory can permanently differ from the computed value. When this happens the following command:

      hadoop fs -count -q /tmp/quota-test

      results in the following output in the NameNode logs:

      WARN org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.server.namenode.NameNode: Inconsistent diskspace for directory quota-test. Cached: 6000 Computed: 6072

      I've observed both transient and persistent instances of this happening. In the transient instances this warning goes away, but in the persistent instances every invocation of the fs -count -q command yields the above warning.

      I've seen instances where the actual disk usage of a directory is 25% of the cached value in INodeDirectory, which creates problems since the quota code uses this cached value to determine whether block write requests are permitted.

      This isn't easy to reproduce - I am able to (inconsistently) get HDFS into this state with a simple program which:

      1. Writes files into HDFS
      2. When a DSQuotaExceededException is encountered removes all files created in step 1
      3. Repeat step 1

      I'm going to try and come up with a more repeatable test case to reproduce this issue.


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