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RBF: Throwing NoNamenodesAvailableException for a long time, when failover



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      When ns failover, the router may record that the ns have no active namenode, the router cannot find the active nn in the ns for about 1 minute. The client will report an error after consuming the number of retries, and the router will be unable to provide services for the ns for a long time.

       11:52:44 Start reporting

      11:53:46 end reporting


      At this point, the failover has been successfully completed in the ns, and the client can directly connect to the active namenode to access it successfully, but the client cannot access the ns through router for up to a minute


      There is a bug in this logic:

      • A certain ns starts to fail over,
      • There is a state where there is no active nn in ns,  Router reports the status (no active nn) to the state store
      • After a period of time, the router pulls the state store data to update the cache, and the cache records that the ns has no active nn
      • Failover successfully completed, at which point the ns actually has an active nn
      •  Assuming it's not time for router to update the cache yet
      •  The client sent a request to the router for the ns, and the router accessed the first nn of the ns in the router’s cache (no active nn)
      • Unfortunately, the nn is really standby, so the request went wrong and entered the exception handling logic. The router found that there is no active nn for the ns in the cache and throw NoNamenodesAvailableException
      •  The NoNamenodesAvailableException exception is wrapped as a RetrieveException, which causes the client to retry. Since each router retrieves the true standby nn in the cache (because it is always the first one in the cache and has a high priority), a NoNamenodesAvailableException is thrown every time until the router updates the cache from the state store


      How to reproduce

      1. Suppose we have a ns ns60, which contains 2 nn, nn6001 is active and nn6002 is standby
      2. Assuming that nn6001 and nn6002 are both in standby state, the priority of nn6002 is higher than nn6001
      3. Use default configuration
      4. Shutdown 2 nn's zkfs, hadoop-daemon.sh stop zkfc, manually perform failover
      5. Manually switch nn6001 active->standby, hdfs haadmin -ns ns60 -transitionToStandby --forcemanual nn6001 
      6. Make sure that the NamenodeHeartbeatService reports that nn6001 is standby
      7. Manually switch nn6001 active->standby, hdfs haadmin -ns ns60 -transitionToActive --forcemanual nn6001 
      8. The client accesses ns60 through router
      9. After about one minute, request ns60 again through the router
      10. Exceptions are reported for both requests, check the router log
      11. The router cannot respond to the client's request for ns60 for a minute



      Fix the bug

      When an ns in the router's cache does not have an active nn, but in reality, the ns has an active nn, and the client requests to throw a NoNamenodesAvailableException, it is proven that the requested nn is a real standby nn. The priority of this nn should be lowered so that the next request will find the real active nn, avoiding constantly requesting the real standby nn, which will cause the cache to be updated before the next time, The router is unable to provide services for the ns to the client.


      Test my patch

      1. Unit testing

      2. Comparison test

      • Suppose we have 2 clients [c1 c2], 2 routers [r1 r2] and a ns [ns60], the ns has 2 nn [nn6001 nn6002]
      • If both nn6001 and nn6002 are in standby state, the priority of nn6002 is higher than nn6001,
      • r1 uses the package that fixing the bug, r2 uses the original package which has the bug
      • c1 loops to send requests to r1, and c2 loops to send requests to r2, the request is related to ns60
      • Make both nn6001 and nn6002 in standby state
      • After the router reports that nn is in standby state, switch nn6001 to active
        14:15:24 nn6001 is active
      • Check the log of router r1, after nn6001 switches to active, only NoNamenodesAvailableException is printed once


      • Check the log of router r2, and print NoNamenodesAvailableException for more than one minute after nn6001 switches to active


      • At 14:16:25, the client c2 accessing the router with the bug could not get the data, and the client c1 accessing the router after the bug was fixed could get the data normally:

      c2's log:unable to access normally

      c1's log:display the result correctly


        1. HDFS-17166.002.patch
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        2. HDFS-17166.001.patch
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          Jian Zhang
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        12. image-2023-08-26-22-48-02-086.png
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        13. image-2023-08-26-22-48-12-352.png
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        14. HDFS-17166.003.patch
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        15. HDFS-17166.004.patch
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        16. HDFS-17166.005.patch
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        17. HDFS-17166.patch
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          Jian Zhang

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