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Dfs client name for a map/reduce task should have some randomness


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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Fix Version/s: 0.23.0
    • Component/s: hdfs-client
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      Incompatible change, Reviewed
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      Make a client name has this format: DFSClient_applicationid_randomint_threadid, where applicationid = mapred.task.id or else = "NONMAPREDUCE".


      Fsck shows one of the files in our dfs cluster is corrupt.

      /bin/hadoop fsck aFile -files -blocks -locations
      aFile: 4633 bytes, 2 block(s):
      aFile: CORRUPT block blk_-4597378336099313975
      0. blk_-4597378336099313975_2284630101 len=0 repl=3 [...]
      1. blk_5024052590403223424_2284630107 len=4633 repl=3 [...]Status: CORRUPT

      On disk, these two blocks are of the same size and the same content. It turns out the writer of the file is from a multiple threaded map task. Each thread may write to the same file. One possible interaction of two threads might make this to happen:
      [T1: create aFile] [T2: delete aFile] [T2: create aFile][T1: addBlock 0 to aFile][T2: addBlock1 to aFile]...

      Because T1 and T2 have the same client name, which is the map task id, the above interactions could be done without any lease exception, thus eventually leading to a corrupt file. To solve the problem, a mapreduce task's client name could be formed by its task id followed by a random number.

      1. randClientId3.patch
        1 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      2. randClientId2.patch
        0.9 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      3. randClientId1.patch
        13 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      4. clientName.patch
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        Hairong Kuang



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