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Erasure Coding: Blocks are over-replicated while EC decommissioning



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      Found that Some blocks are over-replicated while ec decommissioning. Messages in log as follow

      INFO BlockStateChange: Block: blk_-9223372035714984112_363779142, Expected Replicas: 9, live replicas: 8, corrupt replicas: 0, decommissioned replicas: 0, decommissioning replicas: 3, maintenance replicas: 0, live entering maintenance replicas: 0, excess replicas: 0, Is Open File: false, Datanodes having this block: , Current Datanode:, Is current datanode decommissioning: true, Is current datanode entering maintenance: false

      Decommisions hang for a long time.

      Deep into the code and find that There is a problem in ErasureCodingWork.java
      For Example, there are 2 nodes(dn0, dn1) in decommission and an ec block group with the 2 nodes. After creating an ErasureCodingWork to reconstruct, it will create 2 replication work.
      If dn0 replicates in success and dn1 replicates in failure, Then it will always create replication work for dn0. The block on dn0 is over-replicated and The block on dn1 will never replicate
      Here is the initial path for this.


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