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LeaseRenewer#daemon threads leak in DFSClient



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      Currently LeaseRenewer (and its daemon thread) without clients should be terminated after a grace period which defaults to 60 seconds. A race condition may happen when a new request is coming just after LeaseRenewer expired.
      Reproduce this race condition:

      1. Client#1 creates File#1: creates LeaseRenewer#1 and starts Daemon#1 thread, after a few seconds, File#1 is closed , there is no clients in LeaseRenewer#1 now.
      2. 60 seconds (grace period) later, LeaseRenewer#1 just expires but daemon#1 thread is still in sleep, Client#1 creates File#2, lead to the creation of Daemon#2.
      3. Daemon#1 is awake then exit, after that, LeaseRenewer#1 is removed from factory.
      4. File#2 is closed after a few seconds, LeaseRenewer#2 is created since it can’t get renewer from factory.

      Daemon#2 thread leaks from now on, since Client#1 in it can never be removed and it won't have a chance to stop.

      To solve this problem, IIUIC, a simple way I think is to make sure that all clients are cleared when LeaseRenewer is removed from factory. Please feel free to give your suggestions. Thanks!


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          Renukaprasad C
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          Renukaprasad C

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