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Edit log tailing fast-path should allow for backoff



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      As part of HDFS-13150, in-progress edit log tailing was changed to use an RPC-based mechanism, thus allowing the edit log tailing frequency to be turned way down, and allowing standby/observer NameNodes to be only a few milliseconds stale as compared to the Active NameNode.

      When there is a high volume of transactions on the system, each RPC fetches transactions and takes some time to process them, self-rate-limiting how frequently an RPC is submitted. In a lightly loaded cluster, however, most of these RPCs return an empty set of transactions, consuming a high (de)serialization overhead for very little benefit. This was reported by jojochuang in HDFS-14276 and I have also seen it on a test cluster where the SbNN was submitting 8000 RPCs per second that returned empty.

      I propose we add some sort of backoff to the tailing, so that if an empty response is received, it will wait a longer period of time before submitting a new RPC.


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