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Standby does not trigger edit log rolling when in-progress edit log tailing is enabled



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      The standby uses the following method to check if it is time to trigger edit log rolling on active.

         * @return true if the configured log roll period has elapsed.
        private boolean tooLongSinceLastLoad() {
          return logRollPeriodMs >= 0 && 
            (monotonicNow() - lastLoadTimeMs) > logRollPeriodMs ;

      In doTailEdits(), lastLoadTimeMs is updated when standby is able to successfully tail any edits

            if (editsLoaded > 0) {
              lastLoadTimeMs = monotonicNow();

      The default configuration for dfs.ha.log-roll.period is 120 seconds and dfs.ha.tail-edits.period is 60 seconds. With in-progress edit log tailing enabled, tooLongSinceLastLoad() will almost never return true resulting in edit logs not rolled for a long time until this configuration dfs.namenode.edit.log.autoroll.multiplier.threshold takes effect.

      [In our deployment, this resulted in in-progress edit logs getting deleted. The sequence of events is that standby was able to checkpoint twice while the in-progress edit log was growing on active. When the NNStorageRetentionManager decided to cleanup old checkpoints and edit logs, it cleaned up the in-progress edit log from active and QJM (as the txnid on in-progress edit log was older than the 2 most recent checkpoints) resulting in irrecoverably losing a few minutes worth of metadata].


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