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Implement DistributedFileSystem#listStatus(Path[]) by adding a batching listStatus RPC call to NameNode



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      HDFS-985 fixed an important problem for HDFS where listing a huge directory takes too long and needs to be paged.


      This Jira proposed to solve the problem of the other extreme:  Make it more efficient to list thousands of directories that contains very few files in each.

      Note that this is already supported in the FileSystem API, but implemented using a loop:

      public FileStatus[] listStatus(Path[] files, PathFilter filter) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException {
        ArrayList<FileStatus> results = new ArrayList();
        for(int i = 0; i < files.length; ++i) {
          this.listStatus(results, files[i], filter);
      {{  }}}
        return (FileStatus[])results.toArray(new FileStatus[results.size()]);
      {{ }}} 

      HIVE-9736 is a real use case in Hive where we need to list the files in many directories (or partitions in hive concept).  That Jira was proposed assuming that listStatus(Path[]) is more efficient in HDFS, but actually not.


      There are 2 ways to achieve this:

      A. Issue parallel RPCs to NameNode to speed things up;
      B. Issue a single RPC to NameNode with all the paths;

      While A is a simpler and safe change, it adds a lot more load into the NameNode since the overhead of an RPC (and the locking) for the actual listing of a small directory is huge.

      We propose to do B as above instead.  It can take advantage of the paging mechanism from HDFS-985 to ensure we don't overload the NameNode.  This will greatly speed up the Hive use case above while also reducing the load on NameNode for such a use case, since NameNode can process many directory listing by paying the overhead of a single RPC and a single Global Shared Lock acquisition.



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