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Disk Balancer should not fail if volume usage is greater than capacity



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      We have seen a couple of scenarios where the disk balancer fails because a datanode reports more spaced used on a disk than its capacity, which should not be possible.

      This is due to the check below in DiskBalancerVolume.java:

        public void setUsed(long dfsUsedSpace) {
          Preconditions.checkArgument(dfsUsedSpace < this.getCapacity(),
              "DiskBalancerVolume.setUsed: dfsUsedSpace(%s) < capacity(%s)",
              dfsUsedSpace, getCapacity());
          this.used = dfsUsedSpace;

      While I agree that it should not be possible for a DN to report more usage on a volume than its capacity, there seems to be some issue that causes this to occur sometimes.

      In general, this full disk is what causes someone to want to run the Disk Balancer, only to find it fails with the error.

      There appears to be nothing you can do to force the Disk Balancer to run at this point, but in the scenarios I saw, some data was removed from the disk and usage dropped below the capacity resolving the issue.

      Can we considered relaxing the above check, and if the usage is greater than the capacity, just set the usage to the capacity so the calculations all work ok?

      Eg something like this:

         public void setUsed(long dfsUsedSpace) {
      -    Preconditions.checkArgument(dfsUsedSpace < this.getCapacity());
      -    this.used = dfsUsedSpace;
      +    if (dfsUsedSpace > this.getCapacity()) {
      +      this.used = this.getCapacity();
      +    } else {
      +      this.used = dfsUsedSpace;
      +    }


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