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Implement SnapshotSkipList class to store Multi level DirectoryDiffs



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      HDFS-11225 explains an issue where deletion of older snapshots can take a very long time in case the no of snapshot diffs is quite large for directories. For any directory under a snapshot, to construct the children list , it needs to combine all the diffs from that particular snapshot to the last snapshotDiff record and reverseApply to the current children list of the directory on live fs. This can take  a significant time if the no of snapshot diffs are quite large and changes per diff is significant.

      This Jira proposes to store the Directory diffs in a SnapshotSkip list, where we store multi level DirectoryDiffs. At each level, the Directory Diff will be cumulative diff of k snapshot diffs,

      where k is the level of a node in the list. 



        1. HDFS-13102.009.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        2. HDFS-13102.009_committed.patch
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          Tsz-wo Sze
        3. HDFS-13102.008.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        4. HDFS-13102.007.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        5. HDFS-13102.006.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        6. HDFS-13102.005.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        7. HDFS-13102.004.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        8. HDFS-13102.003.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        9. HDFS-13102.002.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee
        10. HDFS-13102.001.patch
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          Shashikant Banerjee

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