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Building HDFS on top of new storage layer (HDDS)



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      In HDFS-7240, Ozone defines storage containers to store both the data and the metadata. The storage container layer provides an object storage interface and aims to manage data/metadata in a distributed manner. More details about storage containers can be found in the design doc in HDFS-7240.

      HDFS can adopt the storage containers to store and manage blocks. The general idea is:

      1. Each block can be treated as an object and the block ID is the object's key.
      2. Blocks will still be stored in DataNodes but as objects in storage containers.
      3. The block management work can be separated out of the NameNode and will be handled by the storage container layer in a more distributed way. The NameNode will only manage the namespace (i.e., files and directories).
      4. For each file, the NameNode only needs to record a list of block IDs which are used as keys to obtain real data from storage containers.
      5. A new DFSClient implementation talks to both NameNode and the storage container layer to read/write.

      HDFS, especially the NameNode, can get much better scalability from this design. Currently the NameNode's heaviest workload comes from the block management, which includes maintaining the block-DataNode mapping, receiving full/incremental block reports, tracking block states (under/over/miss replicated), and joining every writing pipeline protocol to guarantee the data consistency. These work bring high memory footprint and make NameNode suffer from GC. HDFS-5477 already proposes to convert BlockManager as a service. If we can build HDFS on top of the storage container layer, we not only separate out the BlockManager from the NameNode, but also replace it with a new distributed management scheme.

      The storage container work is currently in progress in HDFS-7240, and the work proposed here is still in an experimental/exploring stage. We can do this experiment in a feature branch so that people with interests can be involved.

      A design doc will be uploaded later explaining more details.


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