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DFS write pipeline : DFSClient sometimes does not detect second datanode failure


    • Type: Bug Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Blocker Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 0.20.1, 0.20-append
    • Fix Version/s: 0.20.2, 0.20-append, 0.21.0
    • Component/s: datanode
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      When the first datanode's write to second datanode fails or times out DFSClient ends up marking first datanode as the bad one and removes it from the pipeline. Similar problem exists on DataNode as well and it is fixed in HADOOP-3339. From HADOOP-3339 :

      "The main issue is that BlockReceiver thread (and DataStreamer in the case of DFSClient) interrupt() the 'responder' thread. But interrupting is a pretty coarse control. We don't know what state the responder is in and interrupting has different effects depending on responder state. To fix this properly we need to redesign how we handle these interactions."

      When the first datanode closes its socket from DFSClient, DFSClient should properly read all the data left in the socket.. Also, DataNode's closing of the socket should not result in a TCP reset, otherwise I think DFSClient will not be able to read from the socket.

      1. detectDownDN-0.20.patch
        8 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      2. detectDownDN1-0.20.patch
        9 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      3. detectDownDN2.patch
        7 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      4. detectDownDN3.patch
        8 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      5. detectDownDN3-0.20.patch
        9 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      6. detectDownDN3-0.20-yahoo.patch
        10 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      7. HDFS-101_20-append.patch
        12 kB
        Nicolas Spiegelberg
      8. hdfs-101.tar.gz
        3 kB
        Todd Lipcon
      9. hdfs-101-branch-0.20-append-cdh3.txt
        11 kB
        Todd Lipcon
      10. pipelineHeartbeat_yahoo.patch
        4 kB
        Hairong Kuang
      11. pipelineHeartbeat.patch
        4 kB
        Hairong Kuang

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