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Do not fail SCM HA pre-finalize validation if SCM HA was already being used



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      SCM HA has been merged in to the master branch before the upgrade framework. With the current implementation of SCM HA pre-finalize validation (which prevents the new feature from being used until the cluster is finalized) users who follow the Apache releases and those who incrementally pull from master will have different experiences when they get the upgrade framework:

      For users following official Ozone releases, the upgrade framework and SCM HA will land in the same release. SCM HA should not be allowed in pre-finalize so that these users can downgrade using the upgrade framework. This is currently how the validation action works.

      For users who pull from master and are already using SCM HA, the current pre-finalize validation will fail to start the SCM until they turn off SCM HA. The cluster must be finalized, and then SCM HA can be re-enabled. This may be surprising and inconvenient.

      To support both use cases, the SCM HA pre-finalize validation action should not fail if SCM HA was already being used before the upgrade.


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