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Add info port to ServerName to support multi instances in a node


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      The full GC time of regionserver with big heap(> 30G ) usually can not be controlled in 30s. At the same time, the servers with 64G memory are normal. So we try to deploy multi rs instances(2-3 ) in a single node and the heap of each rs is about 20G ~ 24G.

      Most of the things works fine, except the hbase web ui. The master get the RS info port from conf, which is suitable for this situation of multi rs instances in a node. So we add info port to ServerName.
      a. at the startup, rs report it's info port to Hmaster.
      b, For root region, rs write the servername with info port ro the zookeeper root-region-server node.
      c, For meta regions, rs write the servername with info port to root region
      d. For user regions, rs write the servername with info port to meta regions

      So hmaster and client can get info port from the servername.
      To test this feature, I change the rs num from 1 to 3 in standalone mode, so we can test it in standalone mode,

      I think Hoya(hbase on yarn) will encounter the same problem. Anyone knows how Hoya handle this problem?

      PS: There are different formats for servername in zk node and meta table, i think we need to unify it and refactor the code.

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