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More log edits: we log too much



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      At the moment I am trying to debug failures on a laptop. As is, all I can see (w/ a small font) most of the time is timestamp, thread name, and class name and then I have to scroll right. This is untenable, frustrating debug. Our logs need to be less profuse and more dense.

      + Our thread names are nice and descriptive and are useful particularly when running standlone mode but it gets silly printing out full thread names when distributed on each log (we could turn off printing thread name but can be helpful).
      + Do we have to print the fully qualified path for all files every time? Lines get really long and hard to read. Ditto for region names.
      + Can we print out just the class name rather than full package qualified class name.

      For example:

      2013-05-25 12:21:01,912 DEBUG [RS_OPEN_REGION-sss-2.ent.cloudera.com,60020,1369507494038-2] org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.handler.OpenRegionHandler: region transitioned to opened in zookeeper: {NAME => 'IntegrationTestDataIngestWithChaosMonkey,c28f5c19,1369509660096.4e91d414f14a75cf367609ce9c4377c7.', STARTKEY => 'c28f5c19', ENDKEY => 'ccccccbc', ENCODED => 4e91d414f14a75cf367609ce9c4377c7,}, server: sss-2.ent.cloudera.com,60020,1369507494038

      Should the above just be:

      2013-05-25 12:21:01,912 DEBUG [RS_OPEN_REGION-sss-2.ent.cloudera.com,60020,1369507494038-2] OpenRegionHandler: region 4e91d414f14a75cf367609ce9c4377c7 transitioned to opened

      + Some logging is bound to freak operators. We print out the full stack trace when we are logging failed assignment because of connection refused.
      + Should make sure we tell a decent story when INFO level only enabled. At moment it is scattershot.


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