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Secure HBase cluster : Client not able to call some admin APIs



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    • 0.92.1, 0.94.0, 0.95.2
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      In case of secure cluster, we allow the HBase clients to read the zk nodes by providing the global read permissions to all for certain nodes. These nodes are the master address znode, root server znode and the clusterId znode. In ZKUtil.createACL() , we can see these node names are specially handled.
      But there are some other client side admin APIs which makes a read call into the zookeeper from the client. This include the isTableEnabled() call (May be some other. I have seen this). Here the client directly reads a node in the zookeeper ( node created for this table ) and the data is matched to know whether this is enabled or not.
      Now in secure cluster case any client can read zookeeper nodes which it needs for its normal operation like the master address and root server address. But what if the client calls this API? [isTableEnaled () ].


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