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Limit the IPC queue size based on calls' payload size


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 0.90.5
    • Fix Version/s: 0.94.0, 0.95.0
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      Incompatible change, Reviewed
    • Release Note:
      Each region server can only have 1GB worth of calls's payload in flight and will refuse new calls when above that limit (those get automatically retried on the client side). Also, ipc.server.max.queue.size is now called ipc.server.max.callqueue.length


      Currently we limit the number of calls in the IPC queue only on their count. It used to be really high and was dropped down recently to num_handlers * 10 (so 100 by default) because it was easy to OOME yourself when huge calls were being queued. It's still possible to hit this problem if you use really big values and/or a lot of handlers, so the idea is that we should take into account the payload size. I can see 3 solutions:

      • Do the accounting outside of the queue itself for all calls coming in and out and when a call doesn't fit, throw a retryable exception.
      • Same accounting but instead block the call when it comes in until space is made available.
      • Add a new parameter for the maximum size (in bytes) of a Call and then set the size the IPC queue (in terms of the number of items) so that it could only contain as many items as some predefined maximum size (in bytes) for the whole queue.


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