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      After incorporating v11 of the 2856 fix, we discovered that we are still having some ACID violations.

      This time, however, the problem is not about including "newer" updates; but, about missing older updates
      that should be including.

      Here is what seems to be happening.

      There is a race condition in the StoreScanner.getScanners()

      private List<KeyValueScanner> getScanners(Scan scan,
      final NavigableSet<byte[]> columns) throws IOException {
      // First the store file scanners
      List<StoreFileScanner> sfScanners = StoreFileScanner
      .getScannersForStoreFiles(store.getStorefiles(), cacheBlocks,
      isGet, false);
      List<KeyValueScanner> scanners =
      new ArrayList<KeyValueScanner>(sfScanners.size()+1);

      // include only those scan files which pass all filters
      for (StoreFileScanner sfs : sfScanners) {
      if (sfs.shouldSeek(scan, columns))

      { scanners.add(sfs); }


      // Then the memstore scanners
      if (

      { scanners.addAll(; }

      return scanners;

      If for example there is a call to Store.updateStorefiles() that happens between
      the store.getStorefiles() and; then
      it is possible that there was a new HFile created, that is not seen by the
      StoreScanner, and the data is not present in the Memstore.snapshot either.


        1. 4485-v6.diff
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        7. 4485-v1.diff
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