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Another case for unnecessary replication suspending in RegionReplicationSink



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      Besides HBASE-26768, there is another case replication in RegionReplicationSink would be suspend:
      For RegionReplicationSink, when there is a replication error , RegionReplicationSink invokes MemStoreFlusher#requestFlush to request a flush, and after receiving the FlushAction#START_FLUSH or FlushAction#CANNOT_FLUSH flush marker, it would resume the replication. But when MemStoreFlusher flushing, it invokes following method HRegion.flushcache with the writeFlushRequestWalMarker set to false:

        public FlushResultImpl flushcache(List<byte[]> families,
            boolean writeFlushRequestWalMarker, FlushLifeCycleTracker tracker) throws IOException {

      When writeFlushRequestWalMarker is set to false, HRegion.flushcache does not write the FlushAction#CANNOT_FLUSH flush marker to WAL when the memstore is empty, just as following HRegion.writeFlushRequestMarkerToWAL illustrated:

      private boolean writeFlushRequestMarkerToWAL(WAL wal, boolean writeFlushWalMarker) {
          if (writeFlushWalMarker && wal != null && !writestate.readOnly) {
            FlushDescriptor desc = ProtobufUtil.toFlushDescriptor(FlushAction.CANNOT_FLUSH,
              getRegionInfo(), -1, new TreeMap<>(Bytes.BYTES_COMPARATOR));
            try {
              WALUtil.writeFlushMarker(wal, this.getReplicationScope(), getRegionInfo(), desc, true, mvcc,
              return true;
            } catch (IOException e) {
              LOG.warn(getRegionInfo().getEncodedName() + " : " +
                "Received exception while trying to write the flush request to wal", e);
          return false;

      so when there is a replication error when the memstore is empty(eg. replicating the FlushAction#START_FLUSH or FlushAction#COMMIT_FLUSH ), the replication may suspend until next memstore flush,even though later there are user writes and it could replicate normally.

      I simulate this problem in the PR , and for writeFlushRequestWalMarker paramter, it is introduced by HBASE-11580 and just only determines whether or not writing the FlushAction#CANNOT_FLUSH flush marker to WAL when the memstore is empty, so I think for simplicity, we could set it to true always for MemStoreFlusher.


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