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Link to the filter on hbase:meta from user tables panel on master page



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      This is follow-on to the parent issue that added nice filtering mechanism on hbase:meta table. Parent allows finding all Regions in Table XYZ with state OPENING or FAILED_CLOSED.

      The user table panel on the master home page has counts of Regions in each state. The opening and closing counts actually have links under them but they are useless currently as they only show RITs that are CLOSING or OPENING; good but not comprehensive enough.

      This PR adds links under all counts so you can see all CLOSING Regions whether RIT or not; useful when doing fixup on a corrupt cluster. Adds a bit of help text that tells users about the filter-on-meta feature too.

      Here is how the panel currently looks:

      Here is what it looks like now with the bit of help text

      When you click on the CLOSED number – '1' in this case – this where you go to:

      i..e. lists all Regions in the TestTable that are in the CLOSED state (not very pretty with the 'Table Stats' and 'Table Regions' preamble but better than what was there before).


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