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table.jsp fails if ugly regions in table




      I'm playing w/ messing up hbase:meta as part of hbck2 messings. Noticed that a bad server or an unknown region makes it so the table.jsp fails.

      I noticed that Admin trying to get the compaction stats for the table will get stuck trying to contact an unknown region and that when it does complete eventually (tens of minutes...), it will spew an exception in the compaction state location.

      The listing of servers has an issue where if unknown server, then we'll try to use a null address which does another spew of jsp complaint instead of just logging an unknown....

      I tried messing around with Admin trying to set its Operation Timeout... but Operation Timeout is not really settable unless you get a new Configuration for a new Connection – which is madness – so instead just used the new AsyncAdminBuilder where I can set operation timeout....

      It times out too quick but thats another issue.... the UI at least draws with a messy hbase;meta.


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