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Distributed MOB compactions



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      There are several drawbacks in the original MOB 1.0 (Moderate Object Storage) implementation, which can limit the adoption of the MOB feature:

      1. MOB compactions are executed in a Master as a chore, which limits scalability because all I/O goes through a single HBase Master server.
      2. Yarn/Mapreduce framework is required to run MOB compactions in a scalable way, but this won’t work in a stand-alone HBase cluster.
      3. Two separate compactors for MOB and for regular store files and their interactions can result in a data loss (see HBASE-22075)

      The design goals for MOB 2.0 were to provide 100% MOB 1.0 - compatible implementation, which is free of the above drawbacks and can be used as a drop in replacement in existing MOB deployments. So, these are design goals of a MOB 2.0:

      1. Make MOB compactions scalable without relying on Yarn/Mapreduce framework
      2. Provide unified compactor for both MOB and regular store files
      3. Make it more robust especially w.r.t. to data losses.
      4. Simplify and reduce the overall MOB code.
      5. Provide 100% compatible implementation with MOB 1.0.
      6. No migration of data should be required between MOB 1.0 and MOB 2.0 - just software upgrade.


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