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Problem in scan query when using more than one column prefix filter in some cases.



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    • 3.0.0-alpha-1, 1.5.0, 2.2.0, 1.4.8, 2.1.2, 2.0.4
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    • hbase-1.4.8, hbase-1.4.9


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      In some cases, unable to get the scan results when using more than one column prefix filter.

      Attached a java file to import the data which we used and a text file containing the values..

      While executing the following query (hbase shell as well as java program) it is waiting indefinitely and after RPC timeout we got the following error.. Also we noticed high cpu, high load average and very frequent young gc  in the region server containing this row...

      scan 'namespace:tablename',{STARTROW => 'test',ENDROW => 'test', FILTER => "ColumnPrefixFilter('1544770422942010001_') OR ColumnPrefixFilter('1544769883529010001_')"}

      ROW                                                  COLUMN+CELL                                                                   ERROR: Call id=18, waitTime=60005, rpcTimetout=60000


      Note: Table scan operation and scan with a single column prefix filter works fine in this case.

      When we check the same query in hbase-1.2.5 it is working fine.

      Can you please help me on this..


        1. qualifiers.txt
          26.29 MB
          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran
        2. scanquery.txt
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          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran
        3. HBaseFileImport.java
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          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran
        4. columnkey.txt
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          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran
        5. HBASE-21620.v3.patch
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          Michael Stack
        6. HBASE-21620.v3.patch
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          Zheng Hu
        7. HBASE-21620.v2.patch
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          Zheng Hu
        8. HBASE-21620.v1.patch
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          Zheng Hu
        9. HBASE-21620.branch-1.patch
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          Zheng Hu
        10. test.patch
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          Zheng Hu
        11. HBaseImportData.java
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          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran
        12. file.txt
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          Mohamed Mohideen Meeran

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