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Coprocessors: Colocate user code with regions



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      Support user code that runs run next to each region in table. As regions split and move, coprocessor code should automatically move also.

      Use classloader which looks on HDFS.

      Associate a list of classes to load with each table. Put this in HRI so it inherits from table but can be changed on a per region basis (so then those region specific changes can inherited by daughters).

      Not completely arbitrary code, should require implementation of an interface with callbacks for:

      • Open
      • Close
      • Split
      • Compact
      • (Multi)get and scanner next()
      • (Multi)put
      • (Multi)delete

      Add method to HTableInterface for invoking coprocessor methods and retrieving results.

      Add methods in o.a.h.h.regionserver or subpackage which implement convenience functions for coprocessor methods and consistent/controlled access to internals: store access, threading, persistent and ephemeral state, scratch storage, etc.

      GitHub: https://github.com/trendmicro/hbase/tree/coprocessor

      Please see the latest attached package-info.html for updated description.


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