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Indefinite OPEN/CLOSE wait on busy RegionServers



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      We observed a case where, when a specific RS got bombarded by a large amount of regular requests, spiking and filling up its RPC queue, the balancer's invoked unassigns and assigns for regions that dealt with this server entered into an indefinite retry loop.

      The regions specifically began waiting in PENDING_CLOSE/PENDING_OPEN states indefinitely cause of the HBase Client RPC from the ServerManager at the master was running into SocketTimeouts. This caused a region unavailability in the server for the affected regions. The timeout monitor retry default of 30m in 0.94's AM compounded the waiting gap further a bit more (this is now 10m in 0.95+'s new AM, and has further retries before we get there, which is good).

      Wonder if there's a way to improve this situation generally. PENDING_OPENs may be easy to handle - we can switch them out and move them elsewhere. PENDING_CLOSEs may be a bit more tricky, but there must perhaps at least be a way to "give up" permanently on a movement plan, and letting things be for a while hoping for the RS to recover itself on its own (such that clients also have a chance of getting things to work in the meantime)?


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