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[drlvm][jit] An interprocedural register interference caused by incorrect register mask interpretation



    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: DRLVM
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      IA32 Windows


      When early_prop turned off in server_static mode, there is a NullPointerException during running startup.helloworld. The bug comes from the last BB of the callee - DataInputStream.readByte(). Following are the generated binary code for this bug:

      with early_prop
      02D67855 I15: MOVSX t26(EAX):I_32,t12(EAX):I_32

      without early_prop
      02D67865 I33: MOV t25(BH):I_8,t12(EAX):I_32
      02D67867 I15: MOVSX t26(EAX):I_32,t25(BH):I_8

      BH is defined if early_prop bypassed and no other code related to EBX is in this method. But in the caller - ICUBinary.readHeader() - EBX is actually defined before the above part of code and assumed to keep unmodifed and be used later. See details:

      02466A22 mov edx,edi
      02466A24 mov dword ptr [esp+9Ch],eax
      02466A2B mov edi,ebx
      02466A2D mov ebx,edx // ebx is defined
      02466A2F sub esp,8
      02466A35 push ebx
      02466A36 call dword ptr [esi] // call to readByte() and ebx is changed in the callee
      02466A38 mov edx,dword ptr [esp+9Ch]
      02466A3F mov dword ptr [esp+98h],esi
      02466A46 mov esi,ebp
      02466A48 mov ecx,ebx // ebx is used
      02466A4A mov dword ptr [esp+94h],eax
      02466A51 mov ebx,edx
      02466A53 mov ebp,edi
      02466A55 mov edi,ecx
      02466A57 mov edx,dword ptr [esp+98h]
      02466A5E sub esp,8
      02466A64 push edi // the value of ebx is pushed
      02466A65 call dword ptr [edx] // call to readByte() and exception thrown out finally

      So some part of EBX (BH) is changed uncarefully and an exception is thrown out finally. With early_prop the bug is gone because there is no changes about EBX.

      With some changes in Ia32RegAlloc0.cpp to only use bin packing register allocation I found no bug when running startup.helloworld.

      My basic assumptions are early_prop is NOT indispensable and each optimization pass should be independent as much as possible.


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