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Improve protoc version handling and detection



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      HADOOP-9845 bumped up protoc from 2.4.1 to 2.5.0, but we run into a few quirks:

      • 'protoc --version' in 2.4.1 exits with 1
      • 'protoc --version' in 2.5.0 exits with 0
      • if you have multiple protoc in your environment, you have to the the one you want to use in the PATH before building hadoop
      • build documentation and requirements of protoc are outdated

      This patch does:

      • handles protoc version correctly independently of the exit code
      • if HADOOP_PROTOC_PATH env var is defined, it uses it as the protoc executable * if HADOOP_PROTOC_PATH is not defined, it picks protoc from the PATH
      • documentation updated to reflect 2.5.0 is required
      • enforces the version of protoc and protobuf JAR are the same
      • Added to VersionInfo the protoc version used (sooner or later this will be useful for in a troubleshooting situation).

      vicaya suggested to make the version check for protoc lax (i.e. 2.5.*). While working on the patch I've thought about that. But that would introduce a potential mismatch between protoc and protobuff JAR.

      Still If you want to use different version of protoc/protobuff from the one defined in the POM, you can use the -Dprotobuf.version=#### to specify your alternate version. But I would recommend not to do this, because if you publish the artifacts to a Maven repo, the fact you used -Dprotobuf.version=#### will be lost and the version defined in the POM properties will be used (IMO Maven should use the effective POM on deploy, but they don't).


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