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Performance improvement in PureJavaCrc32



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      I would like to propose a small patch to

      org.apache.hadoop.util.PureJavaCrc32.update(byte[] b, int off, int len)

      Currently the method stores the intermediate result back into the data member "crc." I noticed this method gets
      inlined into DataChecksum.update() and that method appears as one of the hotter methods in a simple hprof profile collected while running terasort and gridmix.

      If the code is modified to save the temporary result into a local and just once store the final result back into the data member, it results in slightly more efficient hotspot codegen.

      I tested this change using the the "org.apache.hadoop.util.TestPureJavaCrc32$PerformanceTest" which is embedded in the existing unit test for this class, TestPureJavaCrc32 on a variety of linux x64 AMD and Intel multi-socket and multi-core systems I have available to test.

      The patch removes several stores of the intermediate result to memory yielding a 0%-10% speedup in the "org.apache.hadoop.util.TestPureJavaCrc32$PerformanceTest" which is embedded in the existing unit test for this class, TestPureJavaCrc32.

      If you use a debug hotspot JVM with -XX:+PrintOptoAssembly, you can see the intermediate stores such as:

      414 movq R9, rsp + #24 # spill
      419 movl R9 + #12 (8-bit), RDX # int ! Field PureJavaCrc32.crc
      41d xorl R10, RDX # int

      The patch results in just one final store of the fully computed value.


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          Tsz-wo Sze

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