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improvement to DFS browsing WI

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      improvement to DFS browsing WI:

      1. Increase the default "Chunk Size to view" to 32K bytes. Currently
      in most cases, I always need to add another digit to the size and get
      the page redisplayed.

      2. Add date to the display. This may an "approximate" date – e.g. the
      date of any block of the file.

      3. Remove the directory name from the file name in the file list

      4. Let the links in the file list point to the file names, not to the
      file data. That is, if the files in the directory that is displayed in
      the window have changed, clicking on the file name will still get the
      user to the file, rather than saying "bad link" (or smth. like that).
      If you still prefer to link to the file data (there is certain merit to
      this), at least make the link to the removed file say
      "sorry, this file has been deleted, here is the link to the current
      version" or
      "sorry, this file has been deleted"

      5. replication factor and size for directories is currently meaningless.
      use these fields for something meaningful, like total size of directory,
      number of files, creation date etc.


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