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  2. HADOOP-4952 Improved files system interface for the application writer.
  3. HADOOP-6223

New improved FileSystem interface for those implementing new files systems.



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    • Add new file system interface AbstractFileSystem with implementation of some file systems that delegate to old FileSystem.


      The FileContext API (HADOOP-4952) provides an improved interface for the application writer.
      This lets us simplify the FileSystem API since it will no longer need to deal with notions of default filesystem [ / ], wd, and config
      defaults for blocksize, replication factor etc. Further it will not need the many overloaded methods for create() and open() since
      the FileContext API provides that convenience.
      The FileSystem API can be simplified and can now be restricted to those implementing new file systems.

      This jira proposes that we create new file system API, and deprecate FileSystem API after a few releases.


        1. AFS18.patch
          113 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        2. AFS17.patch
          113 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        3. AFS16.patch
          109 kB
          Suresh Srinivas
        4. AFS15.patch
          100 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        5. AFS11.patch
          109 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        6. AFS10.patch
          109 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        7. AFS4.patch
          94 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        8. Hdfs.java
          5 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        9. afs1.patch
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          Sanjay Radia
        10. Hdfs.java
          4 kB
          Sanjay Radia
        11. AbstractFileSystem.java
          18 kB
          Sanjay Radia

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