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Allow administrators to be able to start and stop queues


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    • Fix Version/s: 0.21.0
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      Incompatible change, Reviewed
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      New mradmin command -refreshQueues reads new configuration of ACLs and queue states from mapred-queues.xml. If the new queue state is not "running," jobs in progress will continue, but no other jobs from that queue will be started.


      This feature would provide functionality to stop and start queues in Hadoop at runtime.

      1. C5913-14y20s.patch
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        Chris Douglas
      2. C5913-15y20s.patch
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        Chris Douglas
      3. hadoop-5913-1.patch
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        rahul k singh
      4. hadoop-5913-10.patch
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        rahul k singh
      5. HADOOP-5913-11.patch
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        Hemanth Yamijala
      6. HADOOP-5913-12.patch
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        Hemanth Yamijala
      7. HADOOP-5913-13.patch
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        Hemanth Yamijala
      8. HADOOP-5913-14.patch
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        Hemanth Yamijala
      9. hadoop-5913-2.patch
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        rahul k singh
      10. hadoop-5913-3.patch
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        rahul k singh
      11. hadoop-5913-4.patch
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        rahul k singh
      12. hadoop-5913-5.patch
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        rahul k singh
      13. hadoop-5913-6.patch
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        rahul k singh
      14. hadoop-5913-7.patch
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        rahul k singh
      15. hadoop-5913-8.patch
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        rahul k singh
      16. hadoop-5913-9.patch
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        rahul k singh


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