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      I'm going to propose cutting out the localdynamo test option for s3guard

      • the local DDB JAR is unmaintained/lags the SDK We work with...eventually there'll be differences in API.
      • as the local dynamo DB is unshaded. it complicates classpath setup for the build. Remove it and there's no need to worry about versions of anything other than the shaded AWS
      • it complicates test runs. Now we need to test for both localdynamo and real dynamo
      • but we can't ignore real dynamo, because that's the one which matters

      While the local option promises to reduce test costs, really, it's just adding complexity. If you are testing with s3guard, you need to have a real table to test against., And with the exception of those people testing s3a against non-AWS, consistent endpoints, everyone should be testing with S3Guard.

      Straightforward to remove.


        1. HADOOP-14918-001.patch
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          Steve Loughran
        2. HADOOP-14918-002.patch
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          Steve Loughran
        3. HADOOP-14918-003.patch
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          Steve Loughran
        4. HADOOP-14918-004.patch
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          Gabor Bota
        5. HADOOP-14918.005.patch
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          Gabor Bota
        6. HADOOP-14918.006.patch
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          Gabor Bota
        7. HADOOP-14918-branch-2.10.001.patch
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          Jonathan Hung

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