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Refactor existing hadoop site to use more usable static website generator



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      From the dev mailing list:

      "Publishing can be attacked via a mix of scripting and revamping the darned website. Forrest is pretty bad compared to the newer static site generators out there (e.g. need to write XML instead of markdown, it's hard to review a staging site because of all the absolute links, hard to customize, did I mention XML?), and the look and feel of the site is from the 00s. We don't actually have that much site content, so it should be possible to migrate to a new system."

      This issue is find a solution to migrate the old site to a new modern static site generator using a more contemprary theme.


      • existing links should work (or at least redirected)
      • It should be easy to add more content required by a release automatically (most probably with creating separated markdown files)


        1. HADOOP-14163.004.patch
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          Akira Ajisaka
        2. HADOOP-14163.005.patch
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          Akira Ajisaka
        3. HADOOP-14163.006.patch
          289 kB
          Akira Ajisaka
        4. HADOOP-14163.007.patch
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          Marton Elek
        5. HADOOP-14163.008.tar.gz
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          Marton Elek
        6. HADOOP-14163.009.patch
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          Marton Elek
        7. HADOOP-14163.009.tar.gz
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          Marton Elek
        8. HADOOP-14163.010.tar.gz
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          Marton Elek
        9. HADOOP-14163-001.zip
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          Marton Elek
        10. HADOOP-14163-002.zip
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          Marton Elek
        11. HADOOP-14163-003.zip
          130 kB
          Marton Elek
        12. hadoop-site.tar.gz
          76 kB
          Marton Elek
        13. hadop-site-rendered.tar.gz
          108 kB
          Marton Elek

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