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Synchronization issue in delegation token cancel functionality



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      We are using Hadoop delegation token authentication functionality in Apache Solr. As part of the integration testing, I found following issue with the delegation token cancelation functionality.

      Consider a setup with 2 Solr servers (S1 and S2) which are configured to use delegation token functionality backed by Zookeeper. Now invoke following steps,

      [Step 1] Send a request to S1 to create a delegation token.
      (Delegation token DT is created successfully)
      [Step 2] Send a request to cancel DT to S2
      (DT is canceled successfully. client receives HTTP 200 response)
      [Step 3] Send a request to cancel DT to S2 again
      (DT cancelation fails. client receives HTTP 404 response)
      [Step 4] Send a request to cancel DT to S1

      At this point we get two different responses.

      • DT cancelation fails. client receives HTTP 404 response
      • DT cancelation succeeds. client receives HTTP 200 response

      Also as per the current implementation, each server maintains an in_memory cache of current tokens which is updated using the ZK watch mechanism. e.g. the ZK watch on S1 will ensure that the in_memory cache is synchronized after step 2.

      After investigation, I found the root cause for this behavior is due to the race condition between step 4 and the firing of ZK watch on S1. Whenever the watch fires before the step 4 - we get HTTP 404 response (as expected). When that is not the case - we get HTTP 200 response along with following ERROR message in the log,

      Attempted to remove a non-existing znode /ZKDTSMTokensRoot/DT_XYZ

      From client perspective, the server should return HTTP 404 error when the cancel request is sent out for an invalid token.

      Ref: Here is the relevant Solr unit test for reference,


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