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Azure: Add Kerberos and Delegation token support to WASB client.



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      Current implementation of Azure storage client for Hadoop (WASB) does not support Kerberos Authentication and FileSystem authorization, which makes it unusable in secure environments with multi user setup.
      To make WASB client more suitable to run in Secure environments, there are 2 initiatives under way for providing the authorization (HADOOP-13930) and fine grained access control (HADOOP-13863) support.

      This JIRA is created to add Kerberos and delegation token support to WASB client to fetch Azure Storage SAS keys (from Remote service as discussed in HADOOP-13863), which provides fine grained timed access to containers and blobs.
      For delegation token management, the proposal is it use the same REST service which being used to generate the SAS Keys.


        1. HADOOP-13945.1.patch
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          Santhosh G Nayak
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          Mingliang Liu
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          Santhosh G Nayak
        4. HADOOP-13945.2.patch
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          Santhosh G Nayak
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          Santhosh G Nayak
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          Santhosh G Nayak
        11. HADOOP-13945.9.patch
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          Mingliang Liu

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