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Securing Hadoop RPC using SSL



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      Today, RPC connections in Hadoop are encrypted using Simple Authentication & Security Layer (SASL), with the Kerberos ticket based authentication or Digest-md5 checksum based authentication protocols. This proposal is about enhancing this cipher suite with SSL/TLS based encryption and authentication. SSL/TLS is a proposed Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard, that provides data security and integrity across two different end points in a network. This protocol has made its way to a number of applications such as web browsing, email, internet faxing, messaging, VOIP etc. And supporting this cipher suite at the core of Hadoop would give a good synergy with the applications on top and also bolster industry adoption of Hadoop.
      The Server and Client code in Hadoop IPC should support the following modes of communication
      1. Plain
      2. SASL encryption with an underlying authentication
      3. SSL based encryption and authentication (x509 certificate)


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