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Implement TokenRenewer to renew and cancel delegation tokens in KMS


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      Enables renewal and cancellation of KMS delegation tokens. hadoop.security.key.provider.path needs to be configured to reach the key provider.


      Service DelegationToken (DT) renewal is done in Yarn by org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.security.DelegationTokenRenewer, where it calls Token#renew and uses ServiceLoader to find the renewer class (code), and invokes the renew method from it.

      We seem to miss the token renewer class in KMS / HttpFSFileSystem, and hence Yarn defaults to TrivialRenewer for DT of such kinds, resulting in the token not being renewed.

      As a side note, HttpFSFileSystem does have a renewDelegationToken API, but I don't see it invoked in hadoop code base. KMS does not have any renew hook.


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