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Add a option to skip newline on empty files with getMerge -nl



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    • Added -skip-empty-file option to hadoop fs -getmerge command. With the option, delimiter (LF) is not printed for empty files even if -nl option is used.


      Hello everyone,

      I recently was in the need of using the new line option -nl with getMerge because the files I needed to merge simply didn't had one. I was merging all the files from one directory and unfortunately this directory also included empty files, which effectively led to multiple newlines append after some files. I needed to remove them manually afterwards.

      In this situation it is maybe good to have another argument that allows skipping empty files.
      Thing one could try to implement this feature:

      The call for IOUtils.copyBytes(in, out, getConf(), false); doesn't
      return the number of bytes copied which would be convenient as one could
      skip append the new line when 0 bytes where copied or one would check the file size before.

      I posted this Idea on the mailing list http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/hadoop-user/201507.mbox/%3C55B25140.3060005%40trivago.com%3E but I didn't really get many responses, so I thought I my try this way.


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